Our Alumni

The idea of forming an alumnus was first mooted by a group of pioneer graduates throughout Asia who expressed interest in keeping in touch with their alma mater and fellow TTTC graduates. This led to the formation of the TTTC alumni in 2006, in an effort to foster closer relationships with those of similar interests.

The Alumni Club is looking forward to the challenges of the future, which includes nurturing the alumni to play a more vital role in the development of their alma mater and of developing the TTTC Alumni Club into the umbrella organization for all TTTC graduates. Together with TTTC training partners across the region, the TTTC Alumni plans to facilitate training, networking and continuing education for its graduates.

As a part of our community of 5000 TTTC alumni members, we hope to bring "home" closer to you wherever you may be, by keeping you informed of the latest developments in TESOL training and also providing our Alumni members a common platform to seek training and job opportunities with our newly launched "Place An Ad" scheme for our members across the region.

TTTC is constantly looking to serve and enrich the lives of our alumni members. We hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and that it will serve as a good resource to meet your training needs. Do come back and visit regularly for exciting updates!

The TESOL Training Centre is giving away 10% rebate on the course fee to all TTTC's alumni.

Sign up now and enjoy the rebate.

For more information please email to info@teachtesol.org

Alumni Membership Forms

Eligibility for Membership:

Full Membership is open to all persons who are on the Register of Graduates or who have successfully completed any teaching courses from The TESOL Training Centre and its Partner Schools in the Region.

Associate Membership is open to graduates of other local and foreign recognized universities.

*For registration or more information please submit the form to info@teachtesol.org

Please click here for download the Membership Application Form