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  • Our trainers are fully qualified with many years of experience in teaching English locally and overseas.
  • Has many years of experience conducting Teacher Training courses
  • Are internationally recognized
  • Are affordable with installment plans

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Our graduates are well trained and qualified as a result of our rigorous training!

Here are their experiences with our Institution.

I have enjoyed Jackie's teaching. She is an excellent teacher, communicator! Even though some modules were not so 'easy to teach', she has helped to inject interest and fun in it. Her knowledge in the field taught was amazing.

I have enjoyed the cosy environment in the school friendly staff.

Lee Hee Ching
ESL Teacher

Time certainly flies. The first time I saw you were when you recommended me the TESOL Course. I was then very hesitant as to whether I should sign up for the Course. You gave me the assurances. I did sign up. No regrets. Through the Course, I learnt many things a teacher need to know. My teacher was very encouraging and positive too.

Lynn, I remember your friendly disposition. Those times when I find myself not familiar with certain procedures, I approached you. You never fail to stretch forth your hand to guide and help me. Thank you :).

Martha Chan
English Teacher

Since taking the TESOL diploma with The TESOL Training Centre, the experience has been both humbling and rewarding at the same time. Going through the course has deepened my knowledge of the language and made me realize how little I knew of the intricacies in learning English. The diploma course has opened up the portal to facilitate better understanding of and offer a perspective on teaching English as a second language to speakers of other languages. It was a bonus to be able to travel down memory lane and draw on personal experiences as inferences to compare with how English is being taught today. Knowing how important English has become in bridging cultures around the world, the TESOL diploma is the key to helping others acquire the language, which could possibly take them a step closer to life-changing opportunities.

The TESOL Training Centre has made learning a worthwhile journey and in particular Aaron and Lynn, both of whom have been most accommodating, helpful and approachable throughout the duration of the course. Unlike the usual cold and business like environment one would experience at other private schools, Lynn and Aaron have gone out of their way in ensuring that we, TESOL students feel right at home whilst pursuing our diploma. Many thanks and all the best to future students!

Geraldine Tan

With the help of The TESOL Training Centre's Trainer, I felt that this "Certificate in Teaching Grammar" course have provided me with in depth knowledge of Grammar concepts.

Now, I am able to apply new found knowledge of Grammar in the course of my teaching with confidence. I thank the School and the Trainer for their undivided Devotion and Professionalism in their work.

Jody Koh
Ex MOE Teacher

"The students who have attended classes at The TESOL Training Centre would agree that it is one of the most personal education centres in Singapore. Its dedicated staff, both the trainers and staff alike, have never failed to give all the encouragement and assistance to their students in their endeavour to become TESOL teachers.

This course has not only given me a deep satisfaction but a further confidence that I would be able to take up the future task as a TESOL teacher, and these are all attibutable to the school. May I truly thank the school and the staff for all their good efforts."

Joyce Chong

The instructor presented the material in an interesting and enjoyable way. I felt very motivated to complete the readings and activities. I feel I have learnt a lot about language acquisition. It certainly enhanced my teaching.

Judith Macmillan
English Teacher

I find this programme to be very specific and relevant to what I am looking for. That is, accreditation to teach English as second language. I have learned about the common mistakes students learning English as second language usually make and the ways of correcting these mistakes. The fun part was the practicum sessions where everyone got to practise what we learned in class. Overall, I enjoyed the learning experience and is now more confident in delivering the lesson using the techiques and teaching tools taught to me. I also made many new friends in this course.

Nik Chong
Human Resource Manager

I thought the course was professionally run. The tutors were helpful and resourceful. It was interesting, challenging and enjoyable. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

Brandon Tennakoon
English Teacher in JCU Singapore

The TESOL course is enriching. It provides me with an in-depth knowledge in English Language and pedagogical skill. The staffs of The TESOL Training Centre, Aaron and Lynn are very approachable and helpful. A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM!"

Mdm Lee
Private Tutor

I wish to place on record that the course was extremely well and professionally present by the trainer and all matters pertaining to enrolment and administration were efficiently and pleasantly handled by the staff of The TESOL Training Centre.

Patricia R. Hamelers
English Teacher

I have taken several courses at The TESOL Training Centre: Diploma in TESOL, Certificate in Teaching Grammar and Certificate in Teaching IELTS Preparation. These courses are packed with information and I found them very interesting and enjoyable.

The expertise, enthusiasm and dedication of the trainers also made a great difference to the quality of these courses. My trainer, in particular, struck me thoroughly as dedicated teacher who was not only interested in imparting textbook knowledge to the trainees but also practical skills for teaching.

Lynn and Aaron were excellent center administrators. They have made every effort to accommodate the needs of the trainees and to make the centre a relaxed and comfortable place for learning.

I would certainly commend The TESOL training Centre to those who wish to receive quality teacher training.

Audrey Eng
Legal Officer

I attended a full time TESOL Diploma course at THE TESOL TRAINING CENTRE and found it an extremely good course. It has played a significant role in my career development as I have now ventured into teaching English with confidence.

Not only has this course equipped me with knowledge and methodology to teach English, it has also cultivated in me a love for teaching and I am able to impart to learners, the love of the English language.

The structure of the course was very comprehensive and I found it very enjoyable. The course facilitator was a very effective teacher, being highly qualified and knowledgeable. She was able to impart her knowledge clearly and concisely. It was evident that she gave her best to her students of which I was one.

The well-equipped classrooms were well lit, and together with the correct room temperature it created a conducive learning environment.

I found the staff to be very friendly and yet very professional in dealing with any queries, which I had. I will definitely recommend this course to those who intend to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Do not hesitate. Sign up today!

Philomena Especkerman
English Teacher

I am very satisfied with the quality of teaching in The TESOL Training Centre. I personally I am skeptical of hyped advertisements and while I was deciding where to take the course.

The staff, particularly Ms Lynn was very helpful and assuring when addressing my concerns. I must say her patience and politeness was instrumental in my decision. While others answered my queries factually I felt they did not have the commitment she had.

My trainer is very patient and helpful. As one who has been caching archery students for 15 years I think I am qualified to comment that her approach to students of varying abilities was superb. She has been very encouraging and that motivated me to do better.

I highly recommend The TESOL Training Centre to any person who is considering taking the course.

Bernard Choo
Archery Coach

As a part-time English teacher (and a lifelong learner at that!), I found the Diploma in TESOL course of The TESOL Training Centre very informative and practical. Although the course was intensive, the materials prepared and taught by the trainer was laid out and presented well. The course gave me the chance to better understand the structure and functions of the English language. It comprehensively covered the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar.

Taking up this course has been a very rewarding and worthwhile experience for me. My qualification will now give me the opportunity and confidence to be part of a bigger learning community. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to effectively teach English skills to others or just raise their own competence and awareness of the ins and outs of the English language.

To Aaron, Lynn and Edmund a very big "Thank You" for everything!

Rowena Ong

The course was really rewarding. Karamjeet is an excellent lecturer. It wasn't difficult to follow the lessons; never felt bored. I'm satisfied with the school, happy that they have come up with this course for people like us who are already in our 40s and have only time to attend classes on weekend. Thank you.

Siva Satthy
English Teacher in Erican Language School

The TESOL course is very interesting. I'm learning things about the English Language I never knew before. I hope I will learn the skills to teach the language to others. Ms. Karamjeet is a wonderful teacher/trainer. She brings much experience and knowledge to share with the class. Her methods and experience in teaching English are truly inspiring. The school is helpful and informative. The staff is easily contactable even though it is based in Singapore.

Lau Kah Min

I'm enjoying this course and very happy to have found what I wanted to do. The course is really excellent, it helps me a lot with my job as a teacher. I also admire and happy with the trainer of this course, Ms. Karamjeet. The cost for this course is also very reasonable and the Diploma is recognized. I am looking forward for my other 2 modules to come.

Suganthi Rajoo
Teacher at the "Language House"

The course will benefit us when we want to venture onto teaching. We will be better informed and more equipped to market ourselves. The lecturer is very experienced and we are able to upgrade ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to do this course in Malaysia rather than going in to Singapore. Thumbs up for the school and the course. We hope the school will conduct more courses in Malaysia. Thank you.

Shanti A/P Sathasivam
Private Tutor

The TESOL Training Centre Singapore did a great job to support and educate the educators. I enrolled this course with a fear of my participation in the classroom and with a doubt of my performance. The trainer Ms. Karamjeet highlights my ability by eliciting my ideas. My confidence built up and applied for teaching and got it once I mentioned the Diploma and institution. I'm very happy teaching in Tsun Jin High School in Kuala Lumpur. Nowadays, I used TESOL techniques to apply in my classes. Thank you TESOL and Aaron.

Vijaya A/P Subramonie
English Teacher in Tsun Jin High School

The lecturer is excellent in training and teaching all of us. She's very charismatic and passionate in what she does. Very helpful and assisting us in developing our skills that we didn't realize we had, and most of all, she makes us very comfortable indeed. The course deepens and develops our teaching skills. It enhances our strategies and makes it pro-active. As a tutor, this course is highly recommended to all tutors and teachers.

The school is very attentive as in replying enquiries, immediate and constant in answering and most of all, the payment scheme is flexible.

Hee Sio Ching
English Teacher/Trainer

This is to just a simple note to thank you for all the arrangement of logistics and administration that Aaron had done for us in this current batch of TESOL, KL. Despite the distance, Aaron has never failed to try to accommodate to the students' requests and for that, his assistance and efforts are deeply appreciated. Thank you once again!

Grace Yeoh
SBB Mutual Bhd

I'm glad I took the course from The TESOL Training Centre. They gave me the motivation to study well and to aim for the best. The principal of the TESOL Training Centre and the lecturer conducting the course were very professional and effective in what they did. It was precisely through their efforts that I managed to pass the Diploma successfully at the first sitting.

Joseph Chee

It was my best experience in my schooling life to attend the TESOL course conducted by The TESOL Training Centre. The course was useful, practical and helpful for those who wish to be a real teacher of English as a second language. The trainer Ms. Karamjeet was wonderful; she was great in terms of guiding, sharing her own experience and training people.

Thank you very much to The TESOL Training Centre for organizing such courses in Malaysia.

Trinh Viet Ha
Scicom Sdn Bhd

I felt great to attend this course. Classes are conducted very interestingly by a good trainer. This course was very useful for me. It helps me to improve in my English Language. I really thanked the trainer who conducted the class and also TESOL Training Centre Singapore.


The teachers are qualified and have years of experience. They are friendly and supportive and they have given us valuable information and experience of real-life teaching.

The course is practical and useful. It has given me a lot of information, which I can use on my students. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, but this course has given me a new insight into the teaching of English as a second language.

William Yeo
English Teacher in TMC

The program covers the main points required as a start. The contents are comprehensive and encourage further reading. The focus is on teaching which is what is required. The modules are well organized and structured.

Ms. Karamjeet motivates and inspires. She has vast knowledge and practice in the topics taught. With her real-life experience, the modules are brought to life. With the sharing of experiences encouraged in class, we take away so much more that what was in the text.

The school, represented by Aaron and Lynn, is professional and understanding. Support is given in terms of schedules and presence at every module. I have enjoyed the course as well as the interaction and enrichment.

Bernice Eu
Group Training Manger
YTL Hotels & Properties Sdn Bhd

I came to know about this course from the Internet and this TESOL Training Centre has been very interesting.

Ms. Karamjeet, a warm and caring person welcomed me into the classroom and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire 5 month course. Not to forget the encouraging Mr. Aaron whom I first spoke to about the course. He was the one that assured me that this course is what I needed to attend. I have no regrets signing up for the course. The former students got jobs so soon and it was well recognized here in Malaysia. The experience has been overwhelming and I enjoyed every moment of my class. Thank you TESOL Training Centre!

Yasotha A/P Kanesan
IT Officer
National Hidraulic Research Institute of Malaysia

The structure of the course was very comprehensive and well-organized and I found it very enjoyable and useful. The course facilitator was a very efficient and effective teacher, being highly qualified and knowledgeable. She was able to impart her knowledge clearly and concisely. It was evident that she gave her best to her students of which I was one.

The management classroom facilities were excellent and students were well taken care of with good refreshment, thus creating a very conducive and friendly learning environment. I found the staff to be very friendly and yet very professional in assisting us with the necessary logistics and administrative support to the students.

Therefore, I will not hesitate to recommend strongly this very useful and good course to those who intend to teach English as a profession and career. I also take this opportunity to wish the school very success in its future business endeavors. Thank you!

Thomas Chew
Property Manager